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Middle School




The Middle School program is structured to meet the unique needs of early adolescence. The goal of BSSS is to provide a comfortable, but challenging, environment in which this age group can stretch their minds, capitalize on their abilities and discover new possibilities within themselves.

A rigorous core curriculum emphasizes traditional disciplines while giving students the latitude to explore topics of special interest. The approach to learning is experiential and integrates material across content lines to enable students to put pieces together, forming a more "complete picture" and better understanding.

The General Studies curriculum in the upper grades consists of English, literature, math, science, and social studies. Seven classes a week are dedicated to language arts with a strong triple focus on literature, grammar, and composition. Math courses stress building on acquired skills to prepare students for algebra in eight grade. In the state-of-the-art science lab, students integrate hands-on experimentation with the principles of scientific reasoning. Students gain greater insight into the society and world around them through the study of history and culture in social studies.

The Judaic Studies curriculum includes Hebrew, Bible, rabbinic literature, prayer, Judaic social studies, mitzvot, and holiday observance. Hebrew is an essential tool for actively engaging students with classical and modern texts. Students become comfortable with Jewish ritual and deepen their personal connection to Israel. Through integration of the Judaic and secular studies, tzedakah, Tikun Olam outreach projects, and character education programs, they increasingly experience the feeling of being members of both the Jewish and larger community. This growing sense of Jewish self culminates in an eighth grade class trip to Israel.

The core curriculum is enriched with classes in computer, art, music, and physical education. Exploratories and student-teacher advisory further personalize the upper grades' experience.

Young adolescents think in increasingly complex and abstract ways while at the same time learning to face new real-life issues and experiences. Students in the upper grades at BSSS concentrate on practicing literacy, critical thinking, cooperative group work, creative problem solving, scientific inquiry, and cultural awareness. Learning is a life-long endeavor, and the primary goal of the upper grades program is to launch students in that on-going, ever-deepening process.